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Uplighting & Gobo Lighting

Light up your next event!


Wireless up-lighting is the best option for decor lighting at any event. With no cables, no tape lines, residue and unlimited LED color options. Our uplighting brings your imagination to life by illuminating your venue to create a stunning effect that will add elegance and finesse to your Event. Adding color with our uplighting, brings life and extra excitement into any venue can completely change not only the look, but the entire feel of your event.

Our trained staff & djs sets the color for you & place the lights how you want them to be placed, with no hassle of wires or limitations.

Freedom™ Par Uplighting form with high-power quad-color LEDs. Five, 5-watt RGBA quad-color LEDs produce vivid, saturated colors and nearly eliminate multicolored shadows.

Other pars are 5mm to 1 watt. So ares are more powerful than most out there. Here are some of the features:

  • 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated, RGBA LED Par with built-in D-Fi™ 2.4GHz wireless control (no running 100′s of ft of cables & plugs, making the venue look cluttered)
  • Create rich colors and pastels with amber LEDs
  • Access built-in, eye-catching automated and sound-activated programs via wireless DMX, IRC remote or master/slave mode( if like, when the dancing starts, the lights can bounce to the music giving you a full room light show)
  • Shine light where it is needed using the adjustable tilting head
  • Extended run time of up to 20 hours with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery
  • Achieve pristine color mixing with 180 RGBA LED (46 red, 42 green, 46 blue and46 amber)


A gobo (or GOBO) derived from "Go Between" or "Goes Before Optics" is a physical template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light.

Brighten your wedding reception with our Wedding Gobo Lights…Create beauty, elegance, and unique look to your wedding with a custom-made gobo projection! You can display your names and/or wedding date on virtually any surface, from behind your wedding party/sweetheart table to the dance floor.

We have 2 companies that we have you order the actual gobo from or you may choose your own. We give you the dimensions & you customize the design of choice. We then receive the gobo, to make sure it fits & display it @ the event. After we give the gobo to you so you can reuse or have it as a memory token.