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We pride our selves on devotion to the couple that is getting married, engage or unions.. We believe you should walk into your reception stress free. It is our job to make the couple the Shine & Look good. This way we do all the worries & hard work while the couple enjoy there own event as if they were guest themselves.

Our trained staff & djs sets the color for you & place the lights how you want them to be placed, with no hassle of wires or limitations.

Depending on the event we always try to have a Dj & a M.C work together so there is at least 2 people making sure your event runs smooth & on time.

Our Djs, are not just Wedding djs, they all have mixing skills. There is a difference in djs, there is a Dj, Wedding Dj, Karaoke Dj & Jukebox Dj.

Most Wedding Dj, Karaoke Djs & Jukebox Dj is usually simular. They play song after song of your choice or request with no mixing or blending the music & may give a little show with the Mic. We find if you play song til the end during dancing, you give your party a chance to sit down each time, more they sit down the less they get back up. DJs Use skills mixing the music or videos together making a seamless transition from song, video. So if a older crowd is dancing, for example to Brick House – Commadors & blend in Yeah – Usher now you have satisfied old & young & keep both genres on the floor.

But we still incorporate the Wedding core, meaning we play your choice of music & the Couple always comes first! 

As far as our M.C we have a couple choices, usually a Dj or Someone (make or female of choice) that is comfortable on the Mic, we send out with the Dj of choice. They do a great job reading names, directing people & the event.